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Simplicity. Ease. Delight. From smartphones to smart homes, connected technology saves you time, increases your peace of mind, and opens up a world of exciting possibilities. When all your technology works together, you experience a whole new level of comfort, control, and convenience. Welcome to your connected life.

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Home Security

  • Text me when the kids get home from school
  • Close the garage door after I leave for work
  • Unlock the front door for my guests before I get home
  • Check the doors and windows when I leave the office
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Home Automation

  • Wake me up with a fresh pot of coffee
  • Turn off mom's stove after she's gone to bed
  • Set dinner lighting while I set the table
  • Flip the sprinklers on (and off!)
  • Adjust the house temperature remotely
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Home Monitoring

  • Send me a photo of who is in my home while I'm away
  • Keep the pipes of my vacation home from freezing
  • Alert me to any water leaks in my house
  • Text me if one of my smoke detectors is tripped
  • Let me check in on my kids and pets from my phone
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Energy Saving

  • Turn off lights and other devices when they aren’t in use
  • Lower the heat and A/C when I’m not at home
  • Open and close the blinds based on outside lighting
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Home Entertainment

  • Set the mood for date night with great music and romantic lighting
  • Give me access to my music from any device
  • Help me manage my music library and playlists easily and conveniently
  • Turn off the sound system, television, and other electronics when I leave the house
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Computers, Mobile & Networks

  • Alert me when bills are due and make it easy to pay online
  • Automatically save, organize, and share my family photos
  • Connect me to my grandkids via video calls
  • Print from my computer via Wi-Fi
  • Suggest new TV shows and movies I might like
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  • Monitor my heart rate
  • Teach me to get a better night’s sleep
  • Remind me to get up and stretch
  • Track my workouts and fitness goals
  • Let me check text messages with the flick of my wrist
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Making it All Work Together

  • Turn on the lights, unlock the door, and flip my music on when I pull into the garage
  • Share and store my photos across multiple devices
  • Connect my new smart lights to my home hub
  • Automatically record date and time of door entry in Google Drive
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